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December 9, 2017

NEW REPORT: Ten Ways To Accomplish Broad, Bipartisan Regulatory Reform

Last November, a bipartisan group of leaders sat down at a roundtable discussion hosted by the American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research (ACCF-CFP). They had an important goal: to prove that meaningful regulatory reform is an issue that can be embraced by both political parties.

The roundtable produced meaningful results as people from varying political backgrounds came together to discuss how fixing a broken regulatory system can allow the private sector to thrive while still protecting health, safety, the environment, and economic stability. Today, the ACCF-CPF released the full results of that discussion in a new report, Regulatory Improvements to Ensure Process Certainty: Ten Impactful Ideas. The report identifies ten courses of action to make the process more open and transparent so the public can provide feedback to help produce better policies.

The recommendations include:

  • Increase Public Transparency
  • Clarify Guidance Documents
  • Ensure a Rigorous and Consistent Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Expand Retrospective Review of Ineffective Regulations
  • Require Congressional Approval for “High-Impact” Rules
  • Improve Oversight of the Agencies
  • Define the Courts’ Role for Judicial Review
  • Enforce Statutes and Hold Agencies Accountable
  • Consolidate and Expedite the Permit and Approval Process
  • Extend Presidential Regulatory Oversight to Independent Agencies

It’s no secret that the current regulatory process is often influenced by politics and falls short on being open, fair, and capable of responding to facts and scientific information. If lawmakers heed these recommendations, they will take critical steps toward transforming the regulatory process from a heavy, counterproductive burden into one that promotes growth, development, and research while still enacting critical protections.

Read the full ACCF-CPF report here.